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You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Monday 30th January.
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Lecturer: Nicci Haynes

Location: NAS Building 16 South

The premise of the course is that drawing extends beyond the hand and the intellect, to incorporate the whole body, weaving together our physical and mental selves taking a cross-disciplinary and variable approach the idea of drawing.   

Carolee Schneemann, Up to and Including Her Limits
Monika Grzymala

Using marking, physicality, projection, camera documentation, video recording, sound, or other means, students will explore fresh ways to generate drawings and reflect on what is ‘performance drawing’, and when does a drawing turn into a performance?  

Students need to come prepared for experimentation.

Arnulf Rainer
Richard Long, A Line Made by Walking, 1967

Lecturer: Nicci Haynes’s art practice incorporates drawing, print, books and awkward little videos, with communication difficulty as the theme. Her current focus is performance-based ‘although’ she says ‘I hesitate to call myself a performance artist. My performances are mostly restricted to my studio, and even there the thought of being seen through the window is embarrassing’.