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Anne Judell

You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Monday 30th January.
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Lecturers: Paul Higgs and David Horton

Location: NAS Building 28 (The Chapel)

This workshop is an opportunity to dig deeply into drawing as a material process, developing layered drawings over days and experiencing the slow release of images and ideas. Calligraphy, collage, gesture, colour and texture are some of the key elements that will be in play.

The workshop is focussed on slowing down an initial act of material play, noticing the qualities that come to the surface and bringing those qualities to a refined state of realisation. Your drawing may yield an overt reference to a subject or more subtle associations with perceptual experience. The unexpected can appear when a drawing is found rather than pre-ordained.

Lee Krasner

Days 1 and 2: Material explorations. Layering, collage, erasure: sequences of physical interactions to build grounds. How do we begin? What kinds of choices can we make within a process where judgment is deferred? What is the relationship between the layering of materials and the layering of ideas?

Days 3 and 4: Reflection and refinement. A process of taking stock, making adjustments and refining particular suggestions of meaning that we perceive in the drawings: images, ideas, emotional associations. What does it mean to finish or resolve drawings through this process?

Materials List:

Bring along a combination of wet and dry materials for black and white or colour works.

Pencils, charcoal, rubbers

Watercolour, ink, white gesso

Chalks, pastels, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils

Any heavier papers you are able to bring (200gsm or greater) to allow for layering and erasure

Lecturers: David Horton and Paul Higgs

Sam Francis

Paul Higgs in the studio

Paul Higgs in the studio
David Horton drawing