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Jonathan McBurnie

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Lecturer: Jonathan McBurnie

Location: NAS Building 26-3

The visual world is an increasingly busy place, and the artist must negotiate a media landscape that is diversifying at an alarming rate. The artist must decide whether to shut out the noise, or embrace it. This course sets out to redefine the boundaries and exclusion zones between art and trash. Unlike the Pop artists, who used popular culture as a nostalgic touchpoint, an exotic aesthetic or a device to satirise the mass media, artists of the 21st century no longer have the benefit of distance from media, which has penetrated nearly every facet of life. This course sets out to cut it all up, quite literally, and reconfigure drawing and remix media to once again serve as a mode of artistic expression, a subversive act of defiance and creativity. 

Lecturer: Jonathan McBurnie is an artist, writer and cartoonist, based in Queensland, Australia.

McBurnie began self-publishing comic books at the age ten, and his life has been a series of constant projects ever since. Completing a PhD at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, in 2014, his thesis and accompanying studio works explored the shifting role of drawing in the digital age. McBurnie approaches his work as a collision of high and low forms, and seeks the narrative propulsion and dense visual language that lies in the tension between these forms.

Julie Mehretu

Materials List

Paper, lots of paper. Different varieties encouraged. 

Collage materials: books, comics, magazines including imagery appealing to you. Reference materials; any photographs, photocopies, printouts, etc… PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANYTHING PRECIOUS TO YOU THAT CANNOT BE DESTROYED OR ALTERED. Should not be anything you are particularly attached to, as it will be used in the image making process. The idea is to integrate as many of your interests and ideas as possible. 

Inks, brushes, nibs, pencils, sticks, correction fluid, overhead projectors, charcoal, paints, anything you particularly enjoy drawing with 




Henry Darger


Julie Fragar
Josh Bayer
Locust Jones

Optional reading list 

The Aesthetics of Comics, David Carrier 

‘In the Ring’ in Mythologies, Roland Barthes 

Erotism, Georges Bataille 

‘Notes on Camp’ in Against Interpretation and Other Essays, Susan Sontag 

‘On the Virtuous Weakness of Drawing’, Adam Geczy 

‘Rozz Tox Manifesto’ by Gary Panter 

The Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus 

Aesthetics of the Margins/The Margins of Aesthetics, David Carrier 

Tragedy, Terry Eagleton 

Illness as Metaphor, Susan Sontag 

‘Signature Event Context’ in Margins of Philosophy, Jaques Derrida 

The Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility, Walter Benjamin 

Literature and Evil, Georges Bataille 

The Artificial Body in Fashion and Art, Adam Geczy 

Packing My Library, Alberto Manguel 

Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes 

The Plague of Fantasies, Slovaj Zizek 

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy, Lawrence Lessig