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Lecturer: Fran O’Neill

Location: NAS Building 16 North

In this 4-day intensive, students will focus on drawing from life as a direct examination of one’s perception. Students will come to understand more deeply their relationship to the experience of the world around them. Discussions, materials and individual work with the instructor will broaden the students’ visual vocabulary. Their knowledge of the interaction of the picture plane, along with various strategies to help explore the pictorial elements of drawing, will be the basis of the class and is anticipated that it will expand the student’s drawing practice.

2019 Drawing Marathon. Photo: Fran O’Neill

Students will work daily from one or more live models. Materials will focus on charcoal on paper, however other materials maybe introduced to reflect and enhance the act of drawing. This maybe determined for the group as a whole or on an individual or on a case-by-case basis each day. A review of each student’s work will form the basis for the culminating critique. It is expected, that participants will attend each day, to utilize their ability to learn from perception. Some days may extend beyond the stated time if there is interest and need.

Materials and supplies

Please note, each students needs may vary. Some may need to purchase extra materials, depending upon production.

20 Sheets (22” x 30”) cold press paper
Sketch book (suggested 16” x 20”) 
Charcoal (loads!!)
Variety of grey lead pencils
Glue (Matt or Gloss medium)
Sumi ink
Brushes (variety, flat, round, calligraphic) 
Black and white acrylic paint
Staple gun
push pins
erasers (at least 4-5 steadler)

Fran O’Neill, an Australian-American, splits her time between Australia and New York. Most recently she has taught at the Arts Students League and the New York Studio School, including assisting regularly with the Drawing Marathons at the New York Studio School and teaching at various venues perceptual or abstract workshops.

O’Neill received her BA in Fine Art from Monash University, Melbourne, in 1994, continuing her studies at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, and completing her MFA at Brooklyn College in 2012. O’Neill received a Joan Mitchell Foundation award in 2007 and was invited to participate in the group show Confronting the Canvas: Women of Abstraction in MOCA in Jacksonville, FL in 2016.

Recent Solo exhibitions include: TW Fine Art, Brisbane, Australia; BMG Art, Adelaide, Australia; Hathaway Contemporary, Atlanta, GA; David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Bushwick, NY; CUAC, Salt Lake City, UT, Additionally, Life on Mars Gallery; Brooklyn, NY, John Davis Gallery, NY; New York Studio School, NY; and Sussex College, Hastings, UK. Along with various group exhibitions through out the USA.

Her work resides in private collections in the USA, Australia, Italy and the UK, and is in the collection of Museum Of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL.