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Backspace Projects


By 12/12/2022August 7th, 2023No Comments

The Drawing Department invites you propose a site-specific work for BACKSPACE PROJECTS, and the month and year when you would like to do it.

BACKSPACE PROJECTS is a new temporary exhibition space using the new wall you almost run into when you enter NAS Building 28 from the Southern side – via the door facing Building 26 that gives access to the stairs going to the top floor of the Chapel.

When you go to Building 28, you will see some of the peculiarities of BACKSPACE PROJECTS: it is the flat wall, 4.4m wide, 3.2m high, that is the back of the new wall in the newly renovated Margaret Olley Building interior on the ground floor. The wall is made from an unsealed gridded building material held together with allen head screws, offers close-up presence and the challenge of being photographed whole in one shot. Some of these may inspire an idea for an artwork of which some aspect of that site is a part. There’s a discussion of site-specificity on the archived proposal page of BACKSPACE’s predecessor, Glassroom Projects and your sense of what is site-specific is fine too.

BACKSPACE PROJECTS was launched in August 2022 with Gary Warner’s ‘9 Figures’ that he made on site progressively over 4 weeks.

Please propose a work and preferred month and say how it will not block egress and how you would return the wall to its found condition. Also remember the space has no invigilation or security. Please include 100 words and image (with credits etc) that can be included on this website and used for social media and signage.

Please send your proposal ASAP to: [email protected] / 0425277462