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Josef Albers, Homage To the Square (G), 1971, Silkscreen on wove paper, 27 x 26 cm

You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Monday 29th January.

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Lecturers: Osvaldo Budet, Chelsea Lehmann  

Location: NAS Building 5 Painting Studios


Introduction to Colour Theory will provide a valuable skill set for students to deepen their understanding of colour as a powerful visual language to apply this knowledge across diverse media. Building upon fundamental colour principles, this course will look at colour theory from Isaac Newton, Josef Albers and Johannes Itten, as well as exploring the science of optics. 

The course combines lectures, hands-on workshops, group discussions, and critiques. Students will create an array of practical exercises in acrylic in an artist journal format. 

Key Topics Covered: 

  • Color wheel and Colour Harmony and Discord: Master different colour wheels and the art of creating visually harmonious or deliberately discordant color schemes. Understand the role of colour relationships and how to manipulate colour effectively. 
  • Color Mixing Techniques: Move beyond basic color mixing to create nuanced and sophisticated colour palettes. 
  • Practical Applications: Apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on projects, critiques, and discussions to support and develop newfound insights into students creative practice. 



-Primary magenta (Golden Acrylic) 

-Primary Cyan (Golden Acrylic) 

-Primary Yellow (Golden Acrylic) 

-Titanium white 

-Carbon black 

-Painters tape 



-Stanely knife (x-acto blade) 


-journal (mixed media paper) A4 size minimum 

-binder medium 

I also recommend the below materials in addition to the materials above if possible  

-Alizarin crimson or Cadmium red deep 

-Pyrrole Red or Cadmium red medium or naphthol crimson  

-Diarylide yellow Cadmium Yellow medium (hue or not hue) 

-Hansa Yellow or Cadmium Yellow light (hue or not hue) 

-Ultramarine Blue 

-Cerulean Blue 

–  Liquitex Prism Violet 

–  Liquitex Light Green Permanent 

– Liquitex Cadmium Orange hue 

Artist References:j

Johannes Itten 

Josef Albers 

Albert H. Munsell 

Mary Gartside