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Charles Cooper

You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Monday 29th January.
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Lecturer: Charles Cooper
Location: NAS Building 28 Ground Floor (under the Chapel)

Like other paint mediums, watercolour can be used in controlled ways that exploit its inherent luminosity using pale or saturated washes but it also offers wonderful opportunities to create accidental effects. With objects, campus spaces and the figure as motifs, the workshop will introduce basic preparations and approaches to the use of this medium.

(a more detailed list will be sent to participants)

  • Paper- blocks, pads or separate sheets
  • Brushes

2 inch ‘flat’

Small ‘flat’ or ‘bright’



  • Painttubes or half-pans (pre-dried)
  • Pencils- graphite , conte or watercolour
  • Ink
  • Palettes
  • Water-containers
  • Recycled towels

Lecturer: Charles Cooper is well versed in the techniques and history of watercolour painting and won the 1998 AGNSW Trustees’ Watercolour Prize. He has taught drawing and painting at the National Art School over two decades.

Charles Cooper
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Grace Cossington-Smith

Otto Pareroultja

JMW Turner
Paul Cezanne

Paul Klee