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When we are working with moving images sound can be a playful and experimental dimension to the work in which chance and randomness play an important role. We have a strong desire and impulse to connect movement to sound. This allows for sounds that we might think of as unrelated to the visual aspects of a work to become powerfully entangled with the moving image.

In this inspiring interview with Jason Di Rosso audio engineer, sound designer and film sound editor Dean Hurley discusses his ongoing collaboration with director David Lynch. Dean Hurley has collaborated with David Lynch on many projects including Season 3 of Twin Peaks (2017). This interview highlights the value of an experimental approach to working with sound. There is also a useful distinction here between an experimental phase, in which you just allow yourself to try all sorts of things, and the evaluation of those experiments, which is something that might happen much later.

In this video Ben Denham discusses Dean Hurley’s collaboration with David Lynch followed by some practical experiments with sound and animation

In this video Ben Denham demonstrates the use of Paul Stretch, free software for the extreme stretching of audio files (up to 1000 times).

Download Paul Stretch for windows.

Paul Stretch for Mac is available here.