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Saturday 1 April 2023, 9.30am–5pm 

Drawing has a special place in conversations that artists have with each other about their work. The National Centre for Drawing’s 2023 symposium is based in this correspondence between artists, their ideas and the ways that drawing helps elucidate them. It will celebrate the special role that drawing plays in connecting people, thought, times and places.

We present four very different sets of artists each of whom have established dialogues across distances. Each corresponding pair of artists brings perspectives on the common ground that they share, shedding light on the role of drawing in their practice and the drawings that inspire them.

Hosted in the National Art School’s historic Cell Block Theatre, you are invited to attend either in person or online.


‘The word ‘Correspondence’ means a close similarity or connection as well as communication across distances. Shared experiences of country, gender, language, ideas, politics or materials correspond in their analogous qualities, just as the myriad of ways that artists talk to each other is an important part of making art.

Each of the artists will talk about specific drawings that inspire them as well as their own drawings. The corresponding interests of each pair of artists will enrich the perspectives that are presented and build dialogues that explore drawing’s dynamic role in the contemporary art world.

This dialogue will be extended both physically and digitally as the symposium enables both physical and on-line participation.


Vernon Ah Kee (Qld ) Brian Martin (Vic), Sera Waters (SA), Kay Lawrence (SA), Carolyne McKenzie-Craig (NSW), Joan Ross(NSW), Hiraku Suzuki (Japan), Gary Warner (NSW)