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An imperfect geometry plays with the idea of Sol LeWitt’s 1970 Wall Drawing #51: All architectural points connected by straight lines. In Backspace (28.G), lines are drawn between the fixings that hold wall panels in place. The wall defines a narrow space hidden behind a narrow doorway. This is not a traditional space for viewing art, but a functional and transitory one for moving to another destination. 

Initially, silver-chrome tape was installed to bounce the available light across the wall with the aim of heightening shifting perceptions as one travelled through the space. However, the conditions of changing temperature and humidity did not suit the material, so a rethink was necessary. A perceived failure is in other terms an opportunity. 

Art-working’ so often seems to be solving problems that we create for ourselves.

As an alternative, thin common masking tape, which adheres well and doesn’t mark the wall on removal has been used. The resulting drawing is a more direct implementation of the intention, simpler and reduced in language. The diagonally drawn tape sits flat, almost ‘into’ the surface, shifting perception of the wall structure. 

This drawing is an ongoing project, to be added to and redrawn over the month of May.

Open Campus hours May 2023