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Every day for 3 weeks, I will visit the site to record the time, date, temperature and any words that come to my mind, using the Japanese script of Hiragana. By using a script other than the Roman script (used in English), I aim to free myself from writing and typing mechanically. I want to try using the strokes in Japanese as a play with lines, as I do when making marks and drawing generally. It will also be a little performative as I feel like I will be dancing with a brush in public.

Through those visits, I will be working to get to know the nature of the site. In the lead up to them, I will continue to study, research, experiment and practice drawing with pen, paint brush, clay and with my body. I also plan to share this work on Instagram to explore how this Marking Time project can exist in cyberspace. The project will continue to be shaped by the people and places out of which it has evolved, including the dialogue I have had with people such as Margaret Roberts who manages BACKSPACE.

I see life as a huge performance of constant studying, training and trying that is always both personal and social. Sometimes on occasions such as this one, I feel that we get the chance to highlight a snippet of our time – and perhaps celebrate together.

Open campus hours March into April 2024.