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In August 2017 more than 20 artists from across Australia traveled to the National Art School in Sydney and Adelaide Central School of Art (ACSA) to create new, experimental drawings on the walls of both campuses, in an open-to-the-public exchange. This creative exchange brought Adelaide artists, Sasha Grbich and Roy Ananda to Sydney while NAS’s own, Joe Frost, Margaret Roberts and Ben Denham, travelled to Adelaide.

Jonathan McBurnie came to Sydney from Queensland and Caroline Durre from Melbourne. Local artists Liz Bradshaw, Sally Clarke, Annelies Jahn, Pollyxenia Joannou, Wendy Murray and Susannah Williams worked alongside these visitors on the NAS campus.

Wall drawings have a history that is grounded at one end of the spectrum in Sol Le Witt’s elegant works and the other, in the vibrant street art that adorns many cities. The work produced during the drawing exchange covered this whole spectrum while also including more technological edge with drawing machines and virtual reality drawing.