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You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Monday 29th January.

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Location: NAS Photomedia studio and Building 26-1

Drawing is the first recording technology invented by humans. The first recordings of sound, made with the phonautograph existed only as drawings. The first audio recording technology that allowed playback was the phonograph. These were acoustic machines that scratched sound waves into a soft recording media, such as a wax coated cylinder. In the 1930s sound was recorded on film so that it could be synchronised with moving images. Sound was recorded first as a drawing, then as an etching, then through photographic processes.

1859 model of Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville’s phonautograph.
Sound recorded optically on film with the variable density method (top) and variable area method (below).

In this workshop we will explore acoustic, electronic, and digital processes and consider how they provide us with different means of thinking about the relationship between drawing and sound. The workshop will include an introduction to electronics. We will build simple circuits, including one that will allow us to manipulate sound with light. We will also look at the relationship between drawing and synthesizers and consider how we can use sound to generate and manipulate moving images.


Peter Blamey is a Sydney-based artist. His practice is often sound-focussed and accomplished with a minimum of means, and includes performances, videos, recordings and installations. Broadly speaking, his work explores (amongst other things) the interconnected themes of energies and residues, often through reimagining our everyday encounters with mundane materials and technologies and the physical world, and our experiences of energy generation, use and wastage.

Ben Denham is a lecturer in drawing at the National Art School. He is currently working with synthesizers, drawing machines, kinetic sculpture and installation to explore the overlaps and intersections between acoustical, electrical and mechanical forces.

Peter Blamey, Digital Antiquarianism, motherboard #1–6, detail, 2015.
Ben Denham, Drawing With Ocean Scroll No. 6 (detail), 2018, (drawing created with the sounds of the ocean and the human voice).