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Art is a reflection of the world and it is vital to constantly re-evaluate our understanding of this place and our role in it.

Continues explores space. Both as an intermediary, transitional place leading to other places , but also a dead end, going nowhere. Which alludes to life, of passing through, and yet ending.

The work references the exterior, and surrounding area. Outside there is daylight and it is that light that shapes our understanding of what we see, that draws the forms with its light and shadows. All other light just imitates the sun. Who doth permit the base contagious clouds to smother up his beauty from the world?

The replication of shapes, fittings and furniture, the overlooked part of our everyday, as well as the light and shadows, echoes and examines our own hesitation in trusting our senses.

Continues is in part real and tangible, but flows into mimicry and shadows. Where does the truth stop and art begin? The questions it raises about believing what we see and our understanding of reality becomes a dialogue with the audience coming into the work, being a part of it, and being asked to contribute to it

Sarah Woodward is a conceptual artist living in Sydney. She takes a multi-disciplinary approach to create subtle, poetic works which examine place and our understanding of ourselves within our surroundings. Using a restrained approach she draws the viewer in to engage with the subject matter, this leads to a thought provoking and persuasive work. There is time and space to reflect on our own thoughts, beliefs and memories.