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This workshop is an opportunity to work and exhibit in the professional environment of Articulate project space with two of Articulate’s key artist-directors.

You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Friday 5 February.
Lecturers: Margaret Roberts and Emma Wise
Venue: Articulate project space, 497 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt 2040


Laine Hogarty, AAAAAAAAAH! 2013 (found timber, orange plastic, found building)

Tuesday 23 February- Friday 26 February: PROXIMITY workshop – make artwork in the space
Saturday 27 February – Sunday 28 March: PROXIMITY exhibition – open Articulate project space 11am-5pm each day for public exhibition.

The PROXIMITY workshop encourages you to develop a sensitivity to your immediate environment, and use low-tech means to engage literally with the building in which we  work. You will be taught to use low tech means to create artworks that are continuous with their locations, or in some other way are sensitive to their environment.

Low tech methods include marking or wrapping parts of the building, projecting onto it, reflecting parts of it, occupying it yourself, collecting the traces of movement, and so on. The project space has many and varied parts as well as an overall shape, enabling a wide variety of works to be tried out and made.

Examples of these low-tech methods are given below to show how drawing includes the marking of buildings, bodies etc in a variety of ways and materials.

The workshop will start with a slideshow of these and more artworks to open your mind to what is possible and spark your own ideas. Instruction will be given on how to mark buildings in ways that are easy to remove, and on how to restore the space to the way you found it. You will be given  small projects initially, to help you find ways to construct relationships between artworks and their locations. You will be supported in developing these into a self-directed project.

The immediate environment in which you will be working is Articulate’s ground floor and mezzanine space which you should visit to see if you would like to work there during Drawing Week. It is open Friday – Sunday 11am-5pm. See for images of the space and information on how to get there (also see the map below).

Participants will be advised on a range of materials to bring to work with.

The PROXIMITY exhibition: As well as making your own work in the PROXIMITY workshop, you will also be asked to exhibit it at Articulate project space on the weekend afterwards. This will require the workshop group to decide on a title and other details for the invitation, to invite family and friends, prepare an opening, join a roster to sit the space for part of Saturday or Sunday, and remove the work and restore the space to how you found it by the end of Monday 4 March. This is the normal way in which Articulate runs its program, and images from this show will be published in the Articulate blog.

The NAS Drawing Week exhibition: Like everyone in Drawing week, you will also be asked to exhibit something from the PROXIMITY workshop in the NAS Drawing Week exhibition. This could be photographic/drawn/remnant documentation of your temporary work, or a partial reconstruction, etc., as discussed during the workshop.


Robin Rhode Microphone 2005 (wall drawing in charcoal, performance – on video)


Ek1 (Emma Hicks and Katie Williams) Out of Site 2013 (data projection, painted canvas, found building)

e0de8643baaa7de2c0a1dfb20e4af9c1Christo Wrapped Telephone 1962 (plastic, rope, found object)

daisyknightemulatethesaints2014Daisy Knight Emulate the Saints 2014 (Silver/gold paper wrapping, found room and objects)


Katie Williams Random Tread 2011 (plastic tape wrapping, found stairs)      


Skye Wagner & Melissah Chalker, Real Fake, 2016 (lino, yellow-painted steel, found corner)


John von Sturmer Fair Isle 2014 (fabric, wall, pins)


Lilly McElroy The Square After Roberto Lopardo 2004 (chalk, found space, found audience)

See more examples of expanded and site-specific drawing here.

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Margaret Roberts teaches in the third year drawing program at NAS.  Margaret has also taught in the Sculpture and Foundation programs at Sydney College of the Arts and in TAFE.  In 2010 she founded Articulate project space with other artists to support installation, site-specific, expanded and other spatial practices.

rkksc27adjcrpMargaret Roberts, KKSC2#7, 2015 (floor tape, found building)


Saatchi & Saatchi Expanded Drawing Workshop run by Margaret Roberts, NAS 2013 (see video)

Emma Wise is currently a Doctorate candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Director of Articulate project space. See her work below and on


Emma Wise Cut to Fit 2006, paper, found territory, found government policy