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Ilya Kabakov, Que sont ces petit hommes? Galerie de France, Paris, 1989

During winter time last year, when I decided to tidy my room and wash the floor, I gathered together all the furniture, tables, chairs, shelves, and planks and put them on top of each other in the corner. By mistake I knocked over a large can of paint which was on my desk. When I lifted up my head from that large white stain, I saw multitudes of little white men, unexpectedly appearing on the edges of the desk, on the seats of the chairs, and some even turned out be on a crooked wire ring hanging above the bed. Some of them had already begun to depart toward the upper corner of the room, where my large window on the ceiling meets the wall . . .

from Ilya Kabakov INSTALLATIONS 1983-2000 Catalogue Raisonne Vol 1 INSTALLATIONS 1983-1993, page192

View of installation, Galerie de France, Paris, 1990, Photo: Emilia Kabakov

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