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Watercolour is a sensuous and temperamental medium. It can be tightly controlled or, when given the chance, have a life of its own. It can be vibrant or restrained, delicate or bold, a quiet whisper or a violent scream.

You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Friday 5 February.
Lecturer: Maryanne Coutts and Joe Frost
Location: NAS Chapel

This workshop will introduce a range of technical approaches as well as open doors to experimentation. It will mostly focus on straight watercolour, but will also consider the sister materials of ink, gouache and watersoluble pencils. Various types of supports and tools will also be considered.


Lots of paper. Paper should be 200 gsm

Soft brushes of all sizes

Black and sepia ink


A roll of paper towell

A watercolour palette or icecube maker

Cups, jars and small buckets for water.


Maryanne Coutts has a range of expressions, from watercolour and graphite to multimedia and animation. As well as exhibiting extensively throughout Australia and overseas for the last 30 years, Maryanne has won a range of major prizes, such as the Blake Prize (1981) and the Portia Geach Memorial Award (2007). She has also been awarded several residencies, the most recent being at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. She exhibits with Australian Galleries in Melbourne and Sydney and is dedicated to the daily practice of drawing what she wears every day. Maryanne is Head of Drawing at the National Art School. Her time-centred projects can be seen at  and her website is

Joe Frost is a lecturer in drawing at NAS and a painter for whom drawing is a means of exploring image and composition on the picture plane.


Maryanne Coutts


Louise Bourgeoise and Tracy Emin