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This workshop provides an opportunity for students to work intensively in a book format over four days, at locations around Sydney’s CBD and inner suburbs.

Some of Turner’s Sketchbooks

You will be able to book tickets from 9:30am on Friday 5 February.
Lecturer: Pollyxenia Joannou
Locations: Hyde Park South, Observatory Hill, Barangaroo,  The State Library of NSW, Botanic Gardens, NAS campus (full details below)

The term sketchbook implies a preliminary approach to drawing but through creativity and concentration the drawing book can become a work that tells its own story. In this workshop you may use the book to record your first responses to visual stimuli, but you will also be encouraged to experiment with the process of developing drawings, using the book as a tool for deepening the investigation of an idea, or as a diary of experiences, or to create a sequence of related images.

A range of drawing materials may be used, and you may bring several books to work on throughout the week. These could be manufactured sketchbooks bought from the art store (hardcover, softcover, square-format, long format, concertina etc.) Or you may wish to create your own hand-bound book to work in, from found materials or fine art papers. You could also consider making drawings and then binding them into a book.

Meet at 9:30am Tuesday at NAS Building 26.1. This studio will serve as a base to return to on Friday, the final day of Drawing Week.

Sonia Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay
Joan Mitchell
Joan Mitchell

Download a PDF of the drawing student handout


Sketchbooks (one able to take wet mediums & one for general thumbnails, line work & pastels – size & format up to you)

Mediums of choice: For example: charcoal/conte pencils, felt pens, coloured/ordinary graphite pencils, ink, pastels (oil or chalk), w/colour etc.

Eugene Delacroix
Brice Marden September 1964
Betty Churcher
Grace Cossington-Smith
Lucian Freud
Frida Kahlo

Lecturer: Pollyxenia Joannou has received many awards including the Redland Art Prize, The NSW Travelling Art Scholarship and The Dyason Bequest from The Art Gallery of NSW. The Sydney artist has travelled widely, lived in London for many years and been awarded residencies in Italy (The Australia Council), Paris (The Art Gallery of NSW and NAS), DRAW International, France, Glasgow and the Gunnery Studio, Sydney. She holds an MA from Central Saint Martins in London and a BA Visual Arts Degree (UNSW). She is represented in collections such as The Art Gallery of NSW, Artbank Australia, University of Sydney, Redland Art Gallery and private collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Europe and the UK. She currently works and lives in Sydney and lectures in Drawing at NAS.

Pollyxenia Joannou, Duplicity